AMC Media was founded back in 1995 and has been entirely dedicated on print/ digital editions and events in the field of Architecture, Design, Real Estate and Construction. We are proud to be a leader in the field in Bulgaria for a quarter of a century.

AMC – our first issue was a magazine, which is still being printed to this day in the form of annual Almanac. Our publishing house has been author of number of magazines like – Interior I Pazar, The beautiful houses, Two eaves, AC catalogue, WAM Magazine, AMC poster and newspaper and others. We were the first company to organize Real Estate exhibition in Bulgaria as we have organized number of events, conferences, contests, presentations, exhibitions and others.

In the course of all those years we can easily say that AMC Media has not only been the work of our life and passion, but it has been an entire lifestyle. In 2020 we will celebrate with all our colleagues who have become friends over all those years for the remarkable 25-th anniversary from our beginning!